Living a healthy life

After deciding to become a better father, I’ve been doing my best to become a better father for my son.

I believe that I need to be healthy for every moment of my life so I can take care of not only my son but also for my family.

Recently, I’ve been checking up my daily habit such as exercise, what food¬† I ate, sleeping hours and etc.

Everything was perfect except for one thing….I was lactose intolerance when I drink milk.

I’ve research about lactose intolerance and tried so many method like drinking less amount of milk, drink it slowly, mix with some other food and more!

But it all FAIL!

So betting my luck, I search what are the alternative milk for people like me.

Luckily I found out about kefir and I decide to buy kefir grains online to make my 1st move toward my goal.

Kefir is really a lactose friendly, but I just start drinking it! I hope it will boost my immune system and overall heath performance.

As I promise I’ll to my best and share all my experience to become a great father.

Once again I want to thank God for letting me know about this wonderful fermented drink called “kefir“.