Jet Airways Hijack Threat

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) charged 37-year-old Birju Salla, who supposedly left a note in the lavatory of a Mumbai-Delhi Jet Airways flight claiming the aircraft had been hijacked, invoking the tough Anti-Hijacking Act that may put the businessman imprison for life.1

After the note, in English and Urdu, was found, the flight was change the course to Ahmedabad. A search appeared there were no explosives on board or in the cargo hold. Primary investigations pointed the finger at Salla, a regular customer on Jet. Interrogation uncovered that the suspect Salla was angry with the airline. He was in a relationship with an airhostess of the airline, and believed that her work was preventing her from spending time with him – a feeling that converted into rage against the airline.

The note asserted the aircraft had 12 hijackers on board and that it ought to be flown straight to the PoK (Pakistan-occupied Kashmir). It also asserted that the cargo area had bombs that would explode if the aircraft arrived in Delhi.

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Taking a tough stand in the case, the ministry of civil aviation asked the home ministry for a probe by the NIA.

“After investigation, it has been established that accused Birju Salla who travelled in the business class of the Jet Airways flight (No. 9W339) on October 30 last year, from Mumbai prepared a ‘threat note’ in ‘English’ and ‘Urdu’ language and he intentionally placed it in the tissue paper box of the toilet near the Business Class thereby jeopardizing the safety of the passengers and crew members on board,” said the NIA in a statement.

The organization said during probe it found sufficient oral, documentary, technical, forensic and material evidence to prove its case. During its investigation, the office recovered a copy of the note from his computer. Salla had utilized Google Translate to translate the note into Urdu.

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