What I did in New Year

This New Year, I just spend my time watching a movies called A Moment to Remember, it is a Korean movie that was recommend by a friend. After watching the movie, I felt a bit sad, remembering that I never really gave enough time to my wife. That why, this year I decide to surprise my wife in our anniversary. One of my plan is to bring her to the beach and have a romantic dinner with her. I'm … [Read more...]

Living a healthy life

After deciding to become a better father, I've been doing my best to become a better father for my son. I believe that I need to be healthy for every moment of my life so I can take care of not only my son but also for my family. Recently, I've been checking up my daily habit such as exercise, what food¬† I ate, sleeping hours and etc. Everything was perfect except for one thing....I was … [Read more...]

Being a Father

My site, FailedPromise, is about reminding me that I need to keep getting better. One of the things that I need to be better at is being a father. A father that my boy deserves, and needs. (Sorry Batman) I am sorry. Sometimes, Father just forgets. That is such a lovely post and poem/letter. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=soeZQY3m3W8 I will be better. I've been improving and I hope … [Read more...]