6 Major Benefits of Eletronic Medical Records


Modern technology has lift health care to the next level. Today, many healthcare facilities no longer depend on traditional paper charts and hardcopy health records filing in storing and organizing the essential medical information of their patients. They now make use of the latest available technology to keep medical records and to make the services they offered better. As more private and public … [Read more...]

What I did in New Year

This New Year, I just spend my time watching a movies called A Moment to Remember, it is a Korean movie that was recommend by a friend. After watching the movie, I felt a bit sad, remembering that I never really gave enough time to my wife. That why, this year I decide to surprise my wife in our anniversary. One of my plan is to bring her to the beach and have a romantic dinner with her. I'm … [Read more...]

Living a healthy life

After deciding to become a better father, I've been doing my best to become a better father for my son. I believe that I need to be healthy for every moment of my life so I can take care of not only my son but also for my family. Recently, I've been checking up my daily habit such as exercise, what food¬† I ate, sleeping hours and etc. Everything was perfect except for one thing....I was … [Read more...]

Being a Father

My site, FailedPromise, is about reminding me that I need to keep getting better. One of the things that I need to be better at is being a father. A father that my boy deserves, and needs. (Sorry Batman) I am sorry. Sometimes, Father just forgets. That is such a lovely post and poem/letter. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=soeZQY3m3W8 I will be better. I've been improving and I hope … [Read more...]

What You Must Know About the Kadayawan Festival

If you are likely to Davao to see the "Kadayawan Festival", you'd better e-book your flight early and get reservations at 1 of the several Davao City motels. You should not get rid of any time, particularly if you want to get great, clean lodging at a single of the several inns and cheap accommodations in Davao City - the Kadayawan is one particular of the most popular points of interest in the … [Read more...]